Wisdom in Movement

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I am Maria Lauridsen Jensen

I am a Yogini, Yoga Teacher, and an MSc in Cultural anthropology

My main call is to serve as an Instrument of the United Cultures and Love

Wisdom in Movement invites you to move your Body, Mind, and Soul through

yoga as a combination of tools for expansion

Prepare to move and to be



Wisdom in Movement

is first and foremost a big embrace

of the play between the waves of life and the steady ground that holds us.

Wisdom in Movement is my commitment to embrace disclosure: It is my commitment to offering the wisdom and the pulse of inspiration that is alive within me, knowing that it is perfectly imperfect – ever-evolving and being refined.

Wisdom in Movement is my vision and my motivation: Even a tiny drop of wisdom, can turn into a ring on the surface of a body of water, that can evolve into many rings in an ever expanding way.

Are you ready for movements to happen?

Wisdom in Movement is grounded in the tantric yoga tradition.

In tantric Darśana (way of seeing), Śiva is simply consciousness. Diving into the many layers of the concept, Śiva is the personification of the masculine, the ground of being, the source, the liberating current, the steady pillar, witness consciousness – Wisdom. Śakti is simply energy or power. Diving into the different layers of the concept, Śakti is the personification of the feminine, the goddess, the manifesting current, the waves of life, the ways of emotions, the creative pulse, the embodiment and the ability to sense, the power of growth and evolution – in Movement. We need both. Tantric yoga is the practice of embracing the paradoxes and honoring the opposing forces. As two dancing snakes, Śiva and Śakti spiral and cross each other as the Iḍā nāḍī (moon channel) and the Piṅgalā nāḍī (sun channel) within our bodies.

They are already right here, moving inside of us – close your eyes and feel it!

Wisdom in Movement is also a celebration of the powers of the universe chit-śakti, ānanda-śakti, Icchāśakti, jñāna-śakti and kriyā-śakti: Icchā – consciousness, bliss, desire, knowledge, and action: Wisdom in Movement is my urge to teach that I cannot explain, and it is the flow of inspiration flowing through me. Jñāna: When the urge or inspiration is there, I do my best to find out how to get it through to you. Kriyā is my offering to you – the product or action. My intention is to help you get in touch with svātantrya-śakti – the power of freedom that arises as we consciously shift our awareness and thereby begin to gain an understanding of the bigger picture.

Embodiment is a gift, let’s unpack it together

Life on Earth is a gift to be treasured. As we draw into our inner universe, we can reach more clarity, that can support us as we reemerge in our everyday life. The deeper we move into the philosophy and into our bodies, minds and hearts, the more we can become liberated from the constrictions of the mind.

Yoga is a deep exploratory dive into your entire being. As you explore, you bear witness to the pulse of energy in its countless forms. Honor them all. Become intimate with them all. Thereby you gain a greater understanding that can make you feel more free.

Wisdom in Movement is the reflection of how Śiva and Śakti co-created the wisdom of the yoga tradition: The pulse between the teacher and the students. Every question takes us back to the source of Wisdom to find new answers and thereby expand the wisdom.

Wisdom in Movement is an invitation to embody the teachings – not just on your yoga mat, but in all aspects of life. Yoga is skills in action, according to the ancient yoga text the Bhagavad Gita.

It is my commitment to share with you:

  • Techniques that can helped you strengthen, balance support and appreciate your body.
  • Insights that can support you in finding inner balance and strength.
  • Tools that can help you feel connected to yourself and to the greater whole.
  • Teachings that can open your sense of wonder and amazement for existence.
  • Myths and philosophy that can assist you in making sense of life so that you can lean into it instead of fighting against it.
  • Wisdom that can support you in expanding your awareness into the joy of being alive in this very moment.


All of my classes are inspired by Rasa Yoga. Rasa Yoga is a bhakti fusion of form and flow āsana, mantra, mudrā, prāṇāyāma, meditation, functional anatomy, Tantric yoga philosophy, ritual, and soul alchemy. Sianna Sherman is the visionary and founder of Rasa Yoga.

My dynamic classes (except corporate classes) hold the elements of a Rasa Yoga Class. My yin yoga classes are framed by the Alignment Triad and the Architecture Triad, but the content is based on my inspiration. In my yin yoga classes, my training in modern shamanism is a central ingredient. All classes arise from my embodied experiences with yoga techniques, meditation, energy, consciousness, and philosophy. I give thanks to all teachers in my life for feeding me with inspiration, passion, and devotional love.

Rasa means “essence” or “nectar.” As we draw in and ask ourselves: “What is it that makes life feel juicy to me? What is it that makes me vibrate with joy and love? What is it that I do, those days when I feel that I am in flow?” we begin to understand how to make our life more sweet. In the core of our being, we find the source of our personal stream of nectar, and maybe we even find THE Source. As we savor the beauty of life as a conscious choice, we lure the stream of nectar to flow more constantly. In tantra, the rasa theory is a theory from the science of theater Rasa is a palate of aesthetical experience or emotions. Like primary colors, the 9 essential emotions or flavors of experience can be combined and have subtypes. Rasa Yoga honors all flavors of life: love, disgust, sorrow, anger, joy, fear, wonder, courage,, and peace. We embrace it all. We cherish the big, playful, and love-filled magic show of the universe.

About your teacher

I have completed 720 hours of yoga teacher training, but I will for always be a student.

I hold a 200-hour yoga teacher certification from Yandara Yoga Institute in Mexico, a 50-hour certification from Yoga Collective, and countless hours of teaching experience and self-studying. In 2018 I completed the 9-month Rasa Yoga Online Teacher Training. Currently, I am doing a 300 hour Rasa Yoga teacher training with internationally celebrated yoga teachers Sianna Sherman and Greta Hill as my main teachers, and lots of celebrated guest teachers. Furthermore, I am almost done with the first year as a student of The School of Wisdom for Modern Shamanism by Marianne Lane.

Find my full CV here

My main call is to serve as a CULTURAL BRIDGE and as an INSTRUMENT OF LOVE.


May the wisdom move you

in the most perfect way for you

in the very moment you are in;

and may it expand in you

and from you

in ways that serve the greater whole.

May we all come to realize and experience

that we are drenched in nectar

of the cosmic ocean

of love.

May we all sense that


we are love.

Shakti Mudra MARIA LAURIDSEN JENSEN. Photo by Anya Beaumont (Rasa Yoga Collective)

Er du klar til at bevæge dig?

Min saṅkalpa er AT SÆTTE VISDOM I BEVÆGELSE ved at

udstråle erfaret visdom, kulturforståelse,

nydelse, forundring og 


Bevægelse er transformation. Bevægelse er at flytte på noget; rykke ved noget.

At blive bevæget er at være i dyb kontakt med sine følelser. At blive bevæget er at kunne relatere fra et dybtfølt sted. At blive bevæget er at tillade den indre visdom at få plads.

Min fornemmeste opgave et at stå til rådighed som en støttende ramme, der giver rum for, at din indre visdom kan udfolde sig.

Gratis prøvetime yoga āsana, mudrā, Prāṇāyāma

Min primære saṅkalpa er Wisdom in Movement

En saṅkalpa er en intention, der giver retning.

Her kan du læse mere om de lærere, traditioner og den visdom, som min undervisning har rødder i.

Jeg håber og tror på, at den viden og de kropslige erfaringer, som jeg har tilegnet mig, og som jeg kontinuerligt tilegner mig indefra såvel som fra andre undervisere, spreder sig som ringe i vandet fra mig til dig, og fra dig til verden omkring dig – på samme måde som jeg er blevet berørt af dem, som har inspireret mig. 

Må visdommen komme flest muligt til gode,

i de lag, den enkelte person er klar til,

i øjeblikket.


ringene i vandet

røre og inspirere os hver især

til at være vores egen unikke dråbe i det store hav.

Wisdom in Movement er for dig, som er klar til at tage en dyb bevægelse,

hvor du gradvis bevæger dig dybere og dybere i de utallige lag,

som du og verden omkring dig består af.




Stræk din krop, forøg din rummelighed, udvid din bevidsthed, øg din kapacitet for nydelse

  • Wisdom in Movement sætter asana, pranayama og healing i spil for at støtte dig i at frigøre og slippe stagneret energi for at forbedre dit indre flow, så du kan opleve at få mere indre plads, livsenergi og velvære.
  • Kombinationen mellem den del af yoga, der har fokus på den fysiske krop, og arbejdet med healingsenergier kan støtte din kropsbevidsthed, din bevidsthed om din subtile krop samt samspillet imellem de to.
  • Ofte bringer jeg myter ind i yogaundervisningen for at udvide din bevidsthed om din forbindelse med  det menneskelige fælles, som overskrider tid og rum. Dette kan give en udvidet medmenneskelig forståelse samt følelsen af ikke at være alene om de temaer og udfordringer livet byder dig – en øget rummelighed overfor dig selv såvel som andre.
  • Healing med healingsenergi i en privat session kan støtte dig i at finde indre ro, forbedre dit indre flow, bearbejde og forløse sår og blokeringer i energisystemet samt øge din kontakt til din subtile krop (fx chakrasystemet, energi). Healing kan desuden støtte dig i at få dybere oplevelser under meditationer.

Jeg takker Arriel Godvil for det elegante billede øverst på denne side

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