I am Maria, and I offer myself as your guide Home
to your Body, Mind, and Soul

Are you ready to move your

Body, Mind and Soul?

Are you ready to move?


I work as a transformator, supporting you on the journey toward the life that nourishes and enriches you the most.
Working with me, or interacting with any of my offerings, I facilitate your transformation process. 
As a shamanic practitioner, I help you enter the most optimal frequency for your overall balance. While we are together, access to your inner wisdom and the mystical wisdom traditions of the world will open in new dimensions. Sometimes, you will be able to experience it right away. Sometimes, you won’t. But most likely you will begin noticing changes in your life. The access will stay in your system, but every practice offers new nuances and more conscious and permanent access.
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Join me and reclaim your body, the creative power of your soul, and your loving connection to the world around you 

through yoga classes, meditations, 1:1 therapeutic sessions, vision journeys, breath work, storytelling, shamanic cirkle work, energy healing. 

Everything you need is already alive within you. However, as your inner landscape changes, or as your spiritual awakening unfolds, your usual sense of belonging might get challenged. I hold space for you, and I manage the energy in that space. Working with me, you enter a community circle that transcends time and space. In the circle, we all join our forces through positive energetic exchange – no words necessary. As an example, you might feel that it is easier to meditate because you get energetic access to the harvest of my meditation practice. Likewise, your skills of relevance will be shared with the circle unconsciously. 
Through all my offerings, I hold space for you, and I open the gateways of inspiration and healing energy. When relevant, I offer psychic readings to support you on your personal path. I am here to assist you to become more conscious of your potential, and more empowered to create and act.
I am currently undergoing a major transformation process myself, and therefore I am unavailable. 
Please send me an e-mail, to be first in line, when I am back: maria@marialauridsenjensen.com 

The pathway of initiations

Since 2015, I have immersed my body, mind, and soul in tantric yogic practices and philosophy. Gradually, the practices have become more and more alive within me and through me. Since 2018, I have combined my yoga practice with intense training in modern shamanistic consciousness training and energy work. I have spontaneously been initiated in various mystic wisdom traditions from all over the world, and I am dedicated to serve as a representative of them all. I hold certificates testifying many hundred hours of studying at acknowledged yoga teacher trainings and modern shamanism, but the truth is, that the mystical path of initiations is the most precious of all. 

My dedication to studying and embodying traditions, and making them relatable for practical life, has moved hundreds of students. 

I teach Yoga, and I offer 1:1 online therapy session of Spiritual Healing and Empowering Conversation, breathwork, and a wide variety og energy work through teaching, writing and vision journeys. In my work, I hold space for all cultures, traditions, and people to come together, and to share their unique offerings. My offerings are rooted in a non-dual world view.

I am not here to tell you an absolute truth, or to answer your deeper questions for you. I am here to guide you into deeper connection with your body, mind, and soul, so you can unfold your inner wisdom

It is my commitment to share
with you:

  • Connection to and collaboration with Body, Mind, and Spirit
  • The power of now
  • Healing energy
  • Conscious breathing
  • Tools that can help you feel connected to yourself and to the greater whole.
  • Inspiration to support you in feeling gratitude and appreciating life.
  • Techniques that can help you strengthen, balance, support, and appreciate your body.
  • Insights that can support you in finding inner balance and strength.
  • Myths, philosophy, and spiritual guidance to assist you in making sense of life.
  • Opportunities to expand your consciousness as well as your senses.
  • Balanced energetic openings and support that adapt to you as a person, and to the moment you experience.
  • Awareness of the subtle
  • Lifeforce energy
  • Love
  • Respect, humility, and gratitude to the traditions and cultures that inspire me.
  • The wonder of mystery.
  • Direct experience


Wisdom in Movement

is first and foremost a big embrace

of the playful waves of life, and the steady ground that holds us

Wisdom in Movement is a culture with the following assumptions:

Wonder opens the field of wisdom

Embodiment is a gift

Life is sacred


Become Aware

Only as you become aware
of what you can become aware of,
you can dive into mystery of awareness.

Take Leadership

As you become more and more aware, you are asked to take more and more leadership.

Become the leader of your life,
and inspire others
to lead with grace.

Practice Love

Love is a practice
and we practice to love more fully.

Path of Devotion


Sway your big ears

In your inner world

To begin to hear

How to go about

The obstacles you now have found…

What is Tantra

I am not a scholar of Sanskrit or Tantra. Nor are my forefathers from India. However, I can tell you from a place of embodied experience combined with intellectual research, what tantra is to me.

Tantra has been the biggest gift of my life. Tantric darśana allowed me to rise from the mud of destructive thinking and behavior. A stunning scripture became my savior…


My Happy Clients!

"I recently had a distant healing with Maria and it was very powerful.
During the healing I could feel blockages released and the following morning I woke up with lightness and joy in my mind and body!
I can fully recommend Maria as an intuitive and gifted healer."
Remote healing: Denmark-South Africa
Contact Me

Would you like to work with me?

For energy healings, yoga events or other requests, 

please send an e-mail: maria@marialauridsenjensen.com