Social Justice & Energetic Healing With the Universal Heart <3

This offering is a call-out to connect with love
You have a choice
You can choose to act, speak, think and radiate love, even when the world seems hostile or lonely.
The first step to radiate love and compassion is to connect with the force of love yourself.
On Friday June 5th, I invite you to receive an energetic embrace of unconditional love.
If you choose to participate, I will transmit love from the Universal Heart to you.
Unconditional love – Prema – is love that needs no reason to love; love that needs nothing in return; love that loves simply for the love of it.
All I ask of you, is to say “yes” to receive.
And I hope you will contribute with a donation.
If you donate money, I will donate all of it to Black Lives Matter, but you can also donate by making your personal contribution towards more social justice .
Because all lives matter!

I am a yoga teacher, a healer and a cultural anthropologist.
I dream of a world where all of us can accept each other,
a world where we have a greater understanding of our shared humanity,
and a world in which all living beings can exchange love and respect.

As a yogini, my path is made of bhakti and ahimsa.
Ahimsa is the opposite of violence.
One thing is to not be violent, another is to do the opposite.
The opposite is love. Step one is to connect with love. Next step is to embody love, then to act with love.
Bhakti is devotion.

May we meet on the path of love.
May our connection with love nourish, inspire and pierce through the hatred, misunderstandings and loneliness..
May our connection with pure love give us strength to stand up for ourselves and to stand up for each other.

Click on “participate” on this event page.
Join me live on Friday June 5th at 4pm-4:40pm (Copenhagen time).
Zoom: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88020173545?pwd=KzlpSnFtZ1FONEJWQjFNOGJrdTBEZz09
If you participate online, I will guide you into a relaxing state with few words.
If you cannot participate online, simply make it your intention to receive at the given time.

Donations (please write ”B-donation” in the text)
Paypal: https://www.paypal.me/marialauridsenjensen?locale.x=da_DK
MobilePay: 15189
Or make a contribution towards more social justice in the world as it is available for you ♥

Maria Lauridsen Jensen

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