Sway your big ears

In your inner world

To begin to hear

How to go about

The obstacles you now have found.

Take your broken tusk

And add some stardust

Of creativity and will

Then you will find strength and wisdom within

To go the distance or jump the fence

With no reason for self-defense

and dance with joy and laughter

As you realize the meaning thereafter.

Grounded in your majesty

The mouse you ride

Your tiniest part

Can take you incredibly far

When a snake passes by

It will be your ally

Though at first it will seem

As the most frightening you can meet.

~ Gaṇeśa

Maria Lauridsen Jensen, 2021


One morning in April 2021, I woke up with these words in my mind. I sensed the presence of Gaṇeśa the elephant-headed god with a lightness of heart.

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