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I am the type of person that is fascinated with existence, curious about people and enchanted by connections that transcends time and space. I use myself as an instrument to reach an intimate understanding of the topics I dive into. I am always weaving sensed life, deep meditation, reflections and intellectual knowledge, and I love to let my understandings take form through writing.
The world is alive within me, and I am alive in the world.

My anthropological identity: Maria Lauridsen Jensen, MSc.

I open-mindedly gather different perspectives, look at them analytically, and communicate the insight in ways that bring forth many voices to provide a broader perspective. I love to write ‘thick description’, and I value long, deep conversations with informants.

I am specialized in identity constructions, ethnicity, Latin America, Mayas and Globalization.

I am currently working on:

  • An autoethnography on experiences with yoga and Kundalini
  • A book on Maya women
  • Book chapter: “The Tulum Mayan Ruins – A Place for Foreigners” in Troubling the Imaginaries: The Meeting of Front and Back Stage on the African Plains, Mexican Beaches, and Other Bucket List Venues (Frances Julia Riemer, PhD, Editor)  Abstract: In tourism discourses, the site of the Tulum ruins has become an icon of Mayan culture. “Maya” is often used as a sales strategy to evoke potential tourists’ excitement for the “glorious past” or the “Exotic Other.” However, I argue that the site of the Tulum ruins evokes opposing narratives. Primarily characterized as “Mayan” in tourist text, my Mayan informants identify the Tulum ruins as “a place for foreigners.”

Here you find an example of my work:

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