Energy Healing

I am honored to serve as a vessel of supportive energies
and I am devoted to help you
unfold your most balanced, nourished and love-filled self.

– Would you like to recieve support?

To heal is to come home.

To heal is the journey towards feeling whole, balanced and well.

To feel whole is to stand strong in who you are.

My intention is to facilitate your growth.

Book a healing by email: maria@marialauridsenjensen.com

If you are not Danish, you can pay by PayPal. Distance is no obstacle!


Intuitive Healing through my Healer Soul

In this energy healing, all my abilities (as a human being and as a soul) are combined to heal and support you. The healing is as safe as it can be, because your soul manages what you recieve, where and how much. Unlike the other healing I offer, Intuitive healing does not have a specific focus. I am initiated as a bearer of this energy by Modern Shaman Marianne Lane.


  • It stabilizes your system
  • You might feel more inner balance
  • You might feel less pain
  • You might release negative emotions
  • You might feel more calm
  • You might feel happier
  • I have possitive results with flu, coughs

Price: 625 kr. /About 45 min.

Distance healing is an option

€ 84; US$ 95

Heartfelt Love Healing

– Lets work together to make love flourish!

heartfelt love healing

Part 1 changes your DNA to make you able to recognize love even variations you haven’t experienced in real life. Thereby you will become able to feel and receive love in its all nuances.

Part 2 is a light healing that helps the integration of part 1 and heals your love related wounds.

Distance healing: 400 kr. / 30 minutes

€ 54; US$ 61

Heart ♥ Healing

– Lets work together to make love flourish!

With great honor, I serve as a vessel of unconditional love from the Universal Heart. The Universal Heart beats with the love of all the hearts that have ever beat with love. This is a soft healing. The healing can be compared to a loving hug.

Personally, I have experienced that this healing has helped me open up to the beauty and love that live within me. It supports me reconnect with my heart chakra, and the life affirming vibrations that live in my heart. I experience that ir increases self-love as well as a deeper connection to my surroundings.

Are you ready to bond with your heart?

Prices: 625 kr. / 30-45 minutes; € 84; US$ 95

300 kr. / 20 minutes; € 40; US$ 46

Add ons

Supportive talk or emails with tools you can use for self-healing to support your process.

Included in the price of Intuitive Healing if you want it.

Otherwise: 100 kr.; US$ 15; € 13,4

How does distance healing work?

When it is time for your healing, make yourself comfortable. You can sit or lie down.

Take 5 deep inhalations, let go through your mouth. Allow yourself to relax, let go and surrender to the process.

Repeatedly tell yourself, “I receive healing”. If you fall asleep it is totally fine😄

When time is up, allow yourself to stretch, yawn and feel your body. Notice if you feel a change. Take your time.

Even if you don’t feel anything the healing works.

If emotions come up, welcome them. Sometimes we must face our emotions to find inner calmness.

All emotions, happiness as well as sorrow, are part of being human, and if we don’t allow them to show, they become repressed.

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