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Maria Lauridsen Jensen is a Yoga Teacher, Energy Worker and a MSc of Cultural anthropology. She holds a 200 hour yoga teacher certification from Yandara Yoga Institute in Mexico, a 50 hour certification from Yoga Collective, and countless hours of teaching experience and self-studying. Currently Maria is doing a 300 hour Rasa Yoga teacher training with internationally celebrated yoga teachers Sianna Sherman and Greta Hill as her main teachers. Furthermore she is almost done with the first year as a student of The School of Wisdom for Modern Shamanism by Marianne Lane. Her main call is to serve as a CULTURAL BRIDGE and as an INSTRUMENT OF LOVE.

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Move your body, heart and mind through a series of yoga practices inspired by sacred texts and storytelling.

Experience for yourself the expanded perspective that arise as we connect physical movements, breath, visualization, meditation, mudra, mantra, philosophy and intention. All participants receive energetic support through a shamanistic energy field to assist unpacking the wisdom of the classes in a personalized form.

Wisdom in Movement is a culture with following assumptions:

Embodiment is a gift <3 A sense of wonder opens the field of wisdom <3 Life is sacred.

Style of āsana practice:

Dynamic flow that strengthens body, mind and soul, unless stated otherwise.

Core Darśana (way of seeing):

Tantra/ Kashmir Shaivism


Maria and Charli in a high lunge backbend. Photo by Anya Beaumont (Rasa Yoga Collective)


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Click here to view upcomming live classes

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