CV in English

Certified Social Anthropologist from Aarhus University (MSc).

Certified Yoga Teacher from Yandara Yoga Institute (200 hrs.), Yin Yoga by Yoga Collective (50hrs.), and Upcoming by Rasa Yoga (300 hrs.) + a student of Rasa Yoga Online Teacher Training (9 months – 70 CE credits non–contact hours).

Upcoming certified healer of the new time.

Certified Reiki I and II Healer.

Maria Lauridsen Jensen

2021 books read: The Gospel of Ramakrishna translated by Swami Nikhilananda, the Upanishads (Easwaran); Den Hellige Ø by Marrion Zimmer; Kunsten at drømme by Carlos Castaneda; The Splendor of Ricognition by Swami Shāntānanda

  • 2021, Sep.: “This world is the play of joy: goddesses of beauty, ecstasy and abundance” workshop with Sally Kempton (2hrs)
  • 2021: Decolonising Yoga with Kallie Schut Rebel Yogatribe (10 hours)
  • 2021, August: Student at Bill Mahony’s workshop “Teachings on spiritual love are to be contemplated, practices that awaken it are to be undertaken” (2 hrs.) – Triyoga.
  • 2021, August: Student of “The 9 Rasas of Yoga” by Noah Mazé (3.7hrs of continuing education)
  • 2021, July: student of Bliv lysleder og flyvefærdig (5 days by Marianne Lane channelling Maria Magdalene)
  • 2021, June: student of Afklaring og visioner 6 hours course by Marianne Lane
  • from 2021, June: Teacher at https://samavesayoga.dk/
  • 2021, May: Activation as a bearer of the energiers “Triologien: Karmic Power Release, Soul Power Release, Human Power Release” via Marianne Lane.
  • 2021, April: Student of “DEMYSTIFYING KUNDALINI” e-course with Rod Stryker (1,9 hrs)
  • 2021, April: Student of “THE FOUNDATIONS OF TANTRA” e-course with Rod Stryker (1,3 hrs)
  • 2021, April: Student of “YOGA VARIABILITY: INSIGHTS INTO LOAD MANAGEMENT” – anatomy and biomechanics e-course with Jules Mitchell on Yoga International (4,5 hrs)
  • 2021, April: Student of “Kursus i klarsyn” (12 hours – clairsense training) with Modern Shaman Marianne Lane
  • 2021, March-July: Student of Rasa Yoga 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training by Sianna Sherman and Greta Hill.
  • 2021, March: Activated as a bearer of the anti-stress and anti-trauma healing energies “reset of the cells,” “stabilizing healing energy” og “deactivate stress in the nervous system.”
  • 2021, February: Activated as a bearer of the energy “the Grale from Bhutan”
  • 2021: activated as Light Force Enlightenment healer

2020 books read: Tantra Illuminated by C. Wallis; Tantric Quest by D. Odier; Sri Chakra Yantra by Vinita Rashinkar; The Universe is a Green Dragon by Swimme; Exquisite Love by Bill Mahony; Wheels of Life by Judith; Ayurveda: Life, Health and Longevity by Svoboda; The Mirror of Yoga by R. Freeman; Awakening the Spine by Scaravelli; Emergence of the Sensual Woman by Désilets; Gralstriologien by Muhl; Skills in Action by M. Johnson; Pratyabhijña-hrdayam; Invoking Lakshmi by Rhodes; The Rasa yoga Manual; Soul Body Fusion by Jonette Crowley; Women Who Run with the Wolves by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés.

  • 2020: activated as Soul Body Fusion (r) healer
  • 2020-2021: Student of Basisuddannelsen at Visdomsskolen for Moderne Shamanisme [Basis Training at the Modern Shamanistic School of Wisdom]
  • 2020, april-maj: participant in Return of the Priestess series with Dawn Del Vecchio and 30 priestesses.
  • 2020, april: participant in the live call “Fierce Goddess for Fierce Times webinar with Constantina Rhodes” with Sianna Sherman
  • 2020, april: receiver of the Soul Body Fusion healing from Jonette Crowley, online
  • 2020, april: participant in a live call on shadow work with Sianna Sherman and Robert Augustus Masters
  • 2020, marts: participant in Sianna Sherman’s “CALL TO ACTION + FEARLESS HEART ACTIVATION” og mantra nights.
  • 2020: participant/receiver of several online healinges and meditations by Modern Sharmans Rebekka Lassesen and Marianne Lane
  • All of 2020: A student in Sianna Sherman’s “Alchemy”
  • March 20 online: Yoga teacher, energy field manager and healer in my workshop “Kærlighed og værdighed” Yin Yoga med Heart Felt Love Healing
  • 2020, march launch of my new online platform Wisdom in Movement
  • 2020, February: 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training – module 1, Rasa Yoga ved Sianna Sherman (Camden Town, UK). 1 “Durga sadhana.” Guest teachers: Carlos G. Pomeda (tantra and sanskit) and Masood Ali Khan (voice and mantra).
  • 2020, 24. february: Maha Shivaratri let me to a physical, emotinal and suble body surrender to Kundalini.
  • 2020, february: participant/receiver in meditations with med healing energy and channeling “Everyday Mastery: Lessons for Exemplary Living Part II, Releasing Justified Righteousness” (healing af relationer) by Jonette (White Eagle & MARK).
  • 2020, january – february: Self-study of the course “Doorways to the Infinite – the art and practice of tantric meditation” by Sally Kempton
  • 2020, january-march: participant/receiver in “Monthly Meditations: Gifts of the Angels – by Jonette Crowley
  • 2020, january: participant/receiver in a drum journey by Vild Vækst
  • 2020, january: participant/receiver in “In Everyday Mastery: Lessons for Exemplary Living Part II – Relationships” (healing af familierelatilner) by Jonette Crowley (White Eagle & MARK)
  • 2020, january: receiver of a Soul Key hypnosis by Julie Mariel
  • 2020, january: Healer, energy field manager and yoga teacher in my workshop “Yin yoga og hjertehealing”

Books read 2019: Kundalini Rising – Exploring the energy of Awakening; Ganesha goes to Lunch by Kapur; The Bhagavad Gita by Easwaran; Love in Under My Skin by Ateeka; Det knuste hjertes visdom by Muhl; Gral by Muhl; the Eagle and the Condor by Jonette Crowley; Kvindens Kraft by Hernán Huarache Mamani; True to form by Dr. Eric Goodman

  • 2019, december: participant in Portal Journey‘s winter solstice ceremony
  • 2019, december: Healer, energy field manager and yoga teacher in my workshop “Yin yoga og hjertehealing”
  • 2019, 29. december:  In my morning meditation I experienced a strong light from above that streamed through me with love. A life changing moment with lots of clearity.
  • 2019, december: Receiver of a healing and clairvoyance session with “the Lesbos energy” with Benjamin Lassesen
  • 2019, november: I taught as a guest teacher at the yoga teacher training in hathayogalæreruddannelsen i YC.
  • 2019, november: Receiver of a deep healing session ved Moderne Shaman Benjamin Lassesen focusing on life energy flow and reception.
  • 2019, november: Participant of Modern Shaman Rebekka Lassesen’s course “Sjælen og det rene hjertes dedikation”
  • 2019, november. Participant of Modern Shaman Rebekka Lassesen’s 6-week course “Manifestation af mit levende hjerte.”
  • 2019, november: Participant at Modern Shaman Julie Mariel’s online course “Lær at passe på din energi – når du arbejder med mennesker.”
  • 2019, september. Student at “Åndemaneren i den moderne virkelighed – Opgradering af Familieånden.” by Marianne Lane and Helle Swyrtz.
  • 2019, september: Participant of a women’s group by lykkecirkler.dk
  • 2019, efteråret: I taught two yin yoga withhealing workshops at Elværket in Åbyhøj.
  • 2019, den 23-25 august: Student at Sianna Sherman’s workshops in Copenhagen: Rasa Yoga Alchemy and Artistry of Yoga; Embrace: Deep Hips & Mantra & Emotional Intelligence; Agni Flow: Backbends, Pranayama & Vision; Fearless Heart Activation: Mantra & Mudra Magic.
  • 2019, efterår: Participant of the meditation course “Sjælens vej – Sjælsfamilien”
  • 2019, July: Participant and assistant at the retreat “Den moderne shaman – sommerretreat med Marianne Lane”
  • 2019,  July: Participant “Hillwalking and meditation retreat” Dhanakosa Buddhist Retreat Centre, Skotland.
  • Fra maj 2019: I contribute as a healer Peaceful Power Help: free healing options
  • 2019, 4.-5. maj: Participant “Kursus i felter” by Modern Shaman Marianne Lane.
  • 2019, maj: Participant in a women’s group by lykkecirkler.dk
  • 2019, maj:  Participant “Visdom fra Amazonas – Et transformerende onlinekursus med Ny Tids Shamanisme” by Julie Mariel
  • 2019, april: Participant in vocal training “Stemmetræning og kommunikation for yogalærere,” workshop by Martin Guldberg
  • 2019, marts: Participant “Somatic Body Work workshop” by Ateeka
  • 2019, februar: Himalayan Heart Activation + opgradering af Jonette Crowley
  • 2019, forår: Participant in the meditation “krystalbevidsthens fødsel”
  • 2019: recipient of “fysisk healing” by Benjamin Lassesen
  • 2019, januar: Activated as a healer of Heartfelt Love by Rebekka Lassesen.

Books read 2015-2018: Light on Yoga by Iyengar; The Radiance Sutras by L. Roche; the Yoga Sutras (Alistair); Awakening Shakti by Kempton; Awakening the Heart Fire by Shiva Rea; Modern Tantra by Kraig; Yoga Girl by Rachel Brathen; Jivamukti Yoga by Gannon and Life; Healthy, Happy, Sexy by Silcox; Yoga Mind, Body & Spirit by Farhi; Yin Yoga by Yvonne Hansen; Insight Yoga by Powers; Begynderyogabogen by Pallisgaard; Yandara Yoga Institute Yoga and Reiki manuals; the Essense of the Bhagavad Gita by Easwaran; To Love is to Know Me by Easwaran; Assertiveness for Earth Angels by Doreen Virtue; Braving the Wilderness by Brene Brown; Myths of the Asanas by Alanna; Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda.

  • fra 2018: Participant fuldmånerensninger by Marianne Lane
  • 2018, november: Activated in Intuitiv healing og Healing med hjertet by modern shaman Marianne Lane.
  • Participant in the meditations “Krystalvæggenes fald”
  • 2018, september: Teacher at Randers Yoga Festival “Parvati Flow”
  • From 2018, september: teacher at FOF Aarhus
  • 2018: recipient of “healing for seksualitet og selvkærlighed,” “omkodning” “Triologien,” “intuitiv healing” og “hjertehealing” mm by Benjamin Lassesen
  • 2018, juni: receiver of kernehealing by Rebekka Lassesen
  • 2018, den 24. april: Participant in the workshop Womb Wisdom by Ateeka
  • 2018, den 7. april: Teacher “Parvati Flow” (vinyasa) at Yoga Days
  • Fra 2018, marts: coorporate yoga and meditation teacher at Aarhus Vand A/S 
  • 2018, from january to october: Student at Rasa Yoga Online Teacher Training with Sianna Sherman (70 CE credits, non–contact hours).
  • Fra 2018-marts 2019: Coorporate yoga teacher at Teknik og Miljø, Aarhus Kommune
  • 2018, 17. januar: Student at the Yin Yoga Immersion with Joe Barnett – “The Rebound: An Exit Strategy”
  • 2018, 16. januar: student at 2½ Hour Yin Yoga Immersion with Joe Barnett – “Upper Body Yin: A Yin Yoga practice designed for the shoulders and neck”.

  • 2017, november: Student at In To Yin, 50-hour training in yin yoga
  • 2017, 19-21 maj: Student at Sianna Sherman Rasa Yoga – Ignite Magic! tour
  • 2017, april: Yoga teacher at the festival Yoga Days,  “Agni” (vinyasa)
  • 2017, marts: student at the workshop “the Sacred Spine” with Ateeka
  • 2017, februar: Teacher at a full moon workshop
  • 2016, september: Teacher at a full moon workshop
  • 2016, august: Graduated as a cultural anthropologist (MSc) from Aarhus University
  • 2016, august: Participant at Ateeka’s “Breath for Breakfast” workshop.
  • 2016, juni: Teacher at a full moon workshop designed by me
  • 2016: Yoga somatics workshop with Ateeka
  • 2016: Yin yoga workshop with Joe Barnett 
  • 2016-2017: Teacher in the DGI-huset Aarhus, Yoga Collectice and as a sub in various places
  • 2015 december: Initiated in Reiki I og reiki II (Usui /Tibetan Reiki Ryoho) by Allison Eaton at Yandara Yoga Institute (Todos Santos, Mexico)
  • 2015 november-december: 200 hour yoga teacher training at Yandara Yoga Institute (Todos Santos, Mexico)
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