Dance With the Elements – Vinyasa Yoga Videos and a Workbook (2020)

1.200,00 DKK

5 weeks of vinyasa yoga practice

Embody the wisdom of the universe
Would you like to know the secrets of the universe?
Do you want to connect with yourself more deeply?
Do you want to feel more connected to nature?
Are you ready for a dive into the yoga tradition and philosophy?

if you can say yes to the above, join me for this course.


You get:

  • 5*90 min vinyasa yoga practice, videos that you can download and keep
  • A 29 pages workbook that takes you through 5 weeks of deep yoga practice – to print out
  • Membership to a closed FB-group


  • Tools to empower yourself
  • Knowledge on the 5 big elements – Pañca mahābhūtas
  • 5 workout sessions
  • Poetic guiding that can help you connect with your body, mind, soul, psyche, and intuition
  • Poetic guiding that can support you in feeling connected with the world around you
  • Philosophical insight into the yoga tradition
  • Inspiration for a balanced and joyful life


Terms and conditions

When you buy this product, you agree on the following:

– Your purchase cannot be regretted.

– The material can only be used for personal use.

– Wisdom in Movement/Maria Lauridsen Jensen is not responsible for any injuries. Please listen to your body and listen within, and respect your personal boundaries.

As you purchase you accept these terms and conditions – click to read all


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