Durgā sādhanā: Transform with the Power of Love (2021)

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Immerse yourself in the power of love by practicing this video 40 days in a row.

Sādhanā refers to a spiritual practice, and sādhanā means “that which leads to the goal.” As you commit to a disciplined focus on the qualities you want to cultivate within yourself, they gradually become more and more alive in your heart, mind and body.

Durgā is the essence of the transformative power of love. She is a fierce goddess who rides a tiger. Whatever she face, she transform it with the power of love. She offers us strength and courage to embody love – to expand love in the word. The power of love is already inside of you, but as you do this practice, you might feel it becoming more alive.


You get: Invocation, meditation, visualization, mudrā (hand positions with energetic effect), mantra (sounds), prāṇāyāma (breath exercises), spinal movements, intention, words of inspiration, prayer and offering.

Main practice: 0:44:39 video + sound file

Bonus practice: 1:09:00 0:44:39 video + sound file

Bonus: Music for relaxation


Appreciation: This practice is inspired by the teachings of my personal experiences, the teachings of Yoga Teacher Sianna Sherman (Rasa yoga), the teachings of Modern Shaman Marianne Lane, and the sacred text Vijñāna bhairava tantra translated into The Radiance Sutras and Doorways to the Infinite. In the back of my mind, is wisdom I immersed myself in years ago through Sally Kempton’s Awakening Shakti.


Note: If you are looking for an āsana practice/ a physical workout, this is NOT it. If you are looking for a devotional yoga practice that can expand your heart, breath and mind this IS it.


The files will be shared via dropbox. If you don’t have Dropbox write Maria to find another solution.

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