Maria Lauridsen Jensen is a Yoga Teacher, Energy Worker and a MSc of Cultural anthropology. She holds a 200 hour yoga teacher certification from Yandara Yoga Institute in Mexico, a 50 hour certification from Yoga Collective, and countless hours of teaching experience and self-studying. Currently Maria is doing a 300 hour Rasa Yoga teacher training with internationally celebrated yoga teachers Sianna Sherman and Greta Hill as her main teachers. Furthermore she is almost done with the first year as a student of The School of Wisdom for Modern Shamanism by Marianne Lane. Her main call is to serve as a CULTURAL BRIDGE and as an INSTRUMENT OF LOVE.

My saṅkalpa is to bring WISDOM IN MOVEMENY by radiating

by radiating embodied wisdom, cultural understanding,

joy, wonder and


The world is alive within me, and I am alive in the world.

I believe that all cultures carry the same essence. As an instrument of the united cultures, I gather the treads in order to pass them on. My vision is that a deeper understanding of the connections across time, space and cultures, can lead to a world with great peace and love.

My mission
is to spread wellness
in forms such as love, self-knowing and self-empowerment
through asana, meditation, scripture, self-reflection exercises and healing,
and common humanity through anthropological work, mythology and wisdom of yoga

I am a 200-hour certified yoga teacher and Reiki II therapist from Yandara Yoga Institute in Mexico,  a 50-hour yin yoga teacher certified from Yoga Collective in Denmark. I did the Rasa Yoga Online Training in 2018.

I am currently studying Rasa Yoga 300 hours teacher training

and the first year of the School of Wisdom for Modern Shamanism

My role as a yoga teacher and an anthropology melts together:

1) I am deeply dedicated to the study of yoga culture, spirituality and personal development, shadow work, mythology from all over the world, and tantric philosophy.

2) The wisdom unfolds in my body and through me.

3) My most honorable role is to communicate the intellectual as well as the embodied wisdom in a way that suits the context of my students and readers.


I am enrolled in the Modern Shamanistic School of Wisdom, and I am already initiated in Heartfelt Love Healing by Rebekka Lassesen, and Intuitive Healing, Heart Healing and in holding energy fields by Marianne Lane. Read more about my healings by clicking here.


I am also a cultural anthropologist from the University of Aarhus. As a cultural anthropologist I am specialized in identity constructions, Maya ethnicity, Latin America and globalization.


I teach yoga from my heart, and I hope to inspire you to find your own yoga practice. Currently I am studying Rasa Yoga 300 hours.

In my yoga classes we embody wisdom. I find it important to bring forth the stories and messages from yoga myths and scriptures, because they invite us to reflect on our own lives, and thereby they offer us the opportunity to learn about ourselves and to grow. Chanting, meditation and pranayama are always included in the studio classes I teach, because I consider it useful tools in the practice of cultivating unity, community, inner calmness and universal love.

My old blog is in English. It is a bit outdated, but feel free to have a look


Feel free to contact me if you are looking for a yoga teacher or a  healer  🙂

<3 Saprema ~ with love <3