In this class, you are guided to lean back into a relaxing yin yoga pose where I will teach you a breathing exercise that will open the flow of love and lifeforce energy between your heart and your womb.  If you want to learn more about the sacred feminine, and if you want more embodied practices, please like the video and subscribe to Wisdom in Movement on YouTube.


Click here to practice (open the video).


Possible effects:

– awakening of love

– improved flow of energy

– awakening of life energy/ awakening of prana

– awakening of the divine feminine

– awakening of your awareness of your (feminine) body (parts)

– feelings of aliveness, vibration, etc.

– relieve period pain – relaxation – calming of the nervous system – healing of trauma related to your womb and/or heart

– your connection to your sexuality

– awakened womb wisdom

… and you can add to the list 🙂

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