Poetry and beauty

the beauty way

Poetry and beauty nourish you truly Go out and about, but open your soul to the beauty that unfolds in every moment. ~by Maria Lauridsen Jensen, 2022

My Blessing

I bless it all because all I can call teachers of my soul guides for my heart wisdom that takes me further than far. ~by Maria Lauridsen Jensen, 2022

The eye of the peacock

The eye of the peacock inside of me shows me the most wonderful that can be a gateway to heaven an entry to infinity * The many threads come together as a piece of art The most glorious pattern is revealed through my heart Opens to wonder Opens to love * ~ Maria with kṛṣṇa, […]


gāyatrī is the light that enlightens us. Please visit my Elephant journal profile to read the poem that came to me as I connected with gāyatrī – please follow the profile to support my work. Click here to visit the page Maria Lauridsen Jensen, 2021