The inspiration for Wisdom in Movement

Wisdom in Movement is grounded in a tantric yoga tradition. In tantric Darśana (way of seeing), Śiva is pure consciousness, and Śakti is energy or power. In the mythical landscape, Śiva is the masculine God, and Śakti is his feminine consort – the Goddess. He is the ground of being, the source, the liberating current, the steady pillar, witness consciousness – Wisdom. She is […]

What is Tantra?

Tantra has been the biggest gift of my life. Tantric darśana allowed me to rise from the mud of destructive thinking and behavior. A stunning scripture became my savior. Invited to sense my body as divine, I opened my awareness to vibrating life.

Maha Shivratri – the Great night of Śiva

Śiva is the great consciousness – with witness within all. Śiva is the primal existence behind all forms. Śakti is the divine energy that manifest in worldly form, and the ability to sense and to feel it all. When the two join within, life elixir you will win.