Vision Journeys with Healing Energy

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1:1 Energetic Healing and Empowering Presence

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You receive

I cannot offer you a miracle, but I can open an energetic field that embraces you – just as you are, just where you are. As I open the energy field, healing energy that fits you in that exact moment of your life flows to you. You might fall asleep, you might have visions, you might have moments of clarity, you might get in touch with your shadows or pain, you might experience deep relaxation and silence, or we might talk together. When relevant, I use clear sensing or channel words. Whatever happens, happens to help you release what no longer serves you. Whatever happens, happens to help you step the path of your potential. It is important for me that you feel seen and heard. Therefore, I offer 90 min. sessions that allow time for you to express what is in your heart – or to simply rest in silent presence.

In an Energetic Healing and Empowering Presence session, I will not tell you what to do with your life, but I will assist you in opening your connection to your inner wisdom, your embodied knowledge, and your potential. I will guide you to feel positive changes in your everyday life, and I will empower you to take leadership in your own life.

How does healing work?

I will offer you my total presence, though we connect through the possibilities of the Internet and webcam.

The Internet is a great example of how energetic work works: Just as we can be together, though physically apart when we talk through a webcam; I can see you, feel you, and touch you energetically in an Energetic Healing session. Just like you decide what you show me through the webcam, your soul makes sure I respect your personal boundary when sensing you. And just as the Internet is smarter than you and I, we can tap into an enormous library of knowledge and possibility without really understanding the technicalities. Healing works similarly to an update to your computer: Old settings will be recalibrated, you will get more capacity, and you will be more future oriented.

Please bring an intention for the session

What theme would you like to work with?

My Specialties as a Healer and Mystic

Whenever I channel healing, the work that I have gone through myself will be available for the soul I exchange with. You can find inspiration for your intention here:

To heal is to come home
To heal is the journey towards feeling whole
To feel whole is to stand strong in yourself
to be balanced and to feel well.

Maria Lauridsen Jensen and her teacher Marianne Lane

The energy work I do tends to:

I am initiated in: