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My mission is to spread wellness, love, self-knowing and self-empowerment through asana, meditation, scripture, self-reflection exercises and Reiki.
Sankalpa – root intention: I teach and heal from my heart for the purpose of higher good.

I am a 200-hour certified yoga teacher and Reiki II therapist from Yandara Yoga Institute in Mexico,  a 50-hour yin yoga teacher certified from Yoga Collective in Denmark, and a cultural anthropologist from the University of Aarhus. As a cultural anthropologist I am specialized in identity constructions, Latin America and globalization.

I teach yoga from my heart, and I do my best to create a safe and loving space with a hint of playfulness. I am extremely interested in getting different cultures under my skin; I have lived in the USA, Nicaragua and Mexico, and I have traveled quite a lot on my own. The world is my home, and yoga is my lifestyle.

For the moment, I teach two vinyasa classes, a gentle yoga class and a hatha flow class a week. I have more than 570 hours of teaching experience. I offer yin yoga, gentle yoga, hatha flow, as well as workshops in self-reflection and sensory perception.

In my yoga classes we embody wisdom. I find it important to bring forth the stories and messages from yoga myths and scriptures, because they invite us to reflect on our own lives, and thereby they offer us the opportunity to learn about ourselves and to grow. Chanting, meditation and pranayama are always included in the studio classes I teach, because I consider it useful tools in the practice of cultivating unity, community, inner calmness and universal love.

I love to be creative, and I have experience with social media from my own company Maria Lauridsen Jensen – Yoga From My Heart, as a guest writer for Yoga Travel Tree, and as PR assistant for the jewelry companies To Form and Trine Wilkens. When working on social media content, I, sometimes, draw on my education as an ethnographer to paint the atmosphere of a situation to provide deeper understanding of perspectives and contexts; sometimes, I let the words flow more freely, poem style. In relation to yoga, I often let photos of nature or asana express a certain message related to yoga teachings. Check out my Instagram for examples.

Feel free to contact me if you are looking for a yoga teacher or a Reiki therapist 🙂