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My channel works as a talisman. Whenever you turn on a video, you simultaneously activate the supportive field of transmission I work through. Therefore, the videos can make it easier for you to find a meditative state. If you might sense the healing energy that flows to you.


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I have created the playlists below to support the themes of the classes I teach. 


Sara means “flowing”, and vatī means “having”. Sarasvatī is a river goddess, goddess of wisdom, goddess of the flow of life.

Afspænd (Relaxation)

VINYASA -Vasistha, and Vishwamitra

The story about Vasistha and Vishwamitra reminds us that staying true to our values is the strongest weapon of all. When you feel attacked, you get tested in your faith and in the strength of your value.


Garuda is half eagle, half human being. He is Vishnu’s vehicle. 

When Garuda entered this world, he shone brighter than a million suns. His radiance was so strong that the gods begged him to hide away his powers. However, when needed, he could use his divine nature to help his loved ones. The myth reminds us that we are born to shine, and we are born with the power to do what at first seems impossible. Yet, we are asked to stay humble, and we are asked to be relatable with the world around us.


Parvati (a form of Śakti) is the wife of Śiva. She has been born on earth to lure Śiva out of meditation. He tends to meditate so much that he forgets his duties in the cosmos. She is a yogini, faithful, strong-willed, determined, grounded and strong as a mountain. She is the power of creation.

My class Parvati flow tells a story about a woman who follows her heart, and who knows how to balance self-care with care for her surroundings. It is one of my favorite love stories – a story on the love between opposities.


Śiva is the god of destruction. the destroys making space for new to arise. He is the yogi of all yogis – maha yogi. He knows how to balance even when standing in the middle of the chaotic world.

As VIRABHADRA Śiva fights for the honor of his beloved Sati.


Tara radiates love, compassion, and forgiveness to all living beings. She shows unconditional love – the type of love a mother has for her child. And she forgives, as only a mother can forgive her child.

My Tara class is available for free on YouTube. In the class, we embody Tara and the qualities she represents. The real practice is to do it off your mat as well.


Strenght, love, determination. The Great Goddess. The one who conquers all. Love in the biggest storm.