Hanging out with people from different countries, cultures, and subcultures, is one of my favorite ways to expand my perspective.

This summer I have travelled in Italy and in Denmark together with Italians. As a Dane, I was super exited to go to Italy, and I loved being there. The Italians were rather critical. Going to Denmark, the roles changed.

Maybe it is the story of the magnets, maybe it is the exotic gaze at play, or maybe it is just easier to see the beauty in the small things, when you see them from another perspective. For sure, I learn a lot about what I should appreciate in my life, as I am invited to look at my life through the eyes of an Italian.


As a result, we decided to enjoy the best of both (in this case) cultures. Therefore, we are now enjoying the many hours of daylight in Denmark, grilling food, picking berries, drinking wine, and eating homemade focaccia and homemade pizza. The sun is strong, but it is cold for July – that is why many Danes are now in Italy – but thinking about the 40+ degrees in Italy, it is actually not so bad to cuddle with a blanket and a fire at night. 

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