Maria is a practitioner of yoga, mysticism, and modern shamanism.

Maria is primarily initiated through the mystical realms and through deep self-studies. She has earned 500+ yoga teacher training credits from internationally renowned schools, completed two years of study at the Wisdom School of Modern Shamanism, and holds an MSc in Social Anthropology. She is dedicated to continuing to investigate, study, learn, and embody.

As an anthropologist, Maria has done fieldwork in a Mayan community, and as a yogini, she has immersed herself in the elements of yogic tradition that have moved her soul through Western teachers and through the writing of Indian sages and gurus. Over the years, Maria has immersed her body, mind, and soul in especially Tantric meditation verses (Kasmir Shaivism). Maria honors the people she works with, and the traditions she is inspired by. Her perspective on the representation of culture is critical and nuanced. Every culture is dynamic yet has its unique essence.

Maria does her best to teach yoga with respect for the tradition, but she is also very much aware that all traditions are constantly reinvented. As a teacher she allows the wisdom of the teachings to unfold through lived experience rather than through logic, dogmatic rules, or memorized sentences. Yoga is an alchemic science of transmission, and yoga needs to be practiced and experienced to be understood.

Wisdom in Movement is Maria’s soul’s dedication

and her most precious offering to you


Maria’s Certifications and Initiations

Healing arts and mysticism

– Maria is a certified energy worker and healer from the Wisdom School of Modern Shamanism (Visdomsskolen for moderne shamanisme: Basisuddannelsen og Overbygningen), where her teacher was Marianne Lane. That means that for a period of 3 years, she has participated in intense training in shadow work, energy work, energy healing, clear sensing, psychic work, spiritual channeling, and therapeutic conversations with clients. In training, Maria has been activated as a transmitter of 12 different healing energies, a creator of talismans, and a manager of energetic fields of transmission and portals. Maria has received undoing training in shamanistic practices for more than six years (2018-2023).

Maria is dedicated to balancing the opportunities from the spiritual realm with life on our beautiful planet Earth, bhuktimukti. Wonder is the bridge between worlds.

– Maria has been through the dark night of the soul, a kundalini awakening, bliss and ungroundedness, and a lengthy process of grounding in the physical world with contact with the unmanifested realms. Many other mystical initiations from diverse cultural wisdom traditions followed the first.

– In 2015, Maria was initiated in Reiki I and Reiki II (Usui /Tibetan Reiki Ryoho) by Allison Eaton at Yandara Yoga Institute (Todos Santos, Mexico).


Maria is certified as a Yoga Teacher from:

– Maria has participated in 10 hours of “Decolonizing Yoga” Anti-Racism study taught by Kallie Schut (2021).

300 Hours Rasa Yoga Teacher Training (300 hrs. online with Sianna Sherman and Greta Hill in 2021) + an extra 100 hrs. live with Sianna Sherman (module 1 of a 300-hour Rasa Teacher Training that was canceled in 2020)

Rasa Yoga Online Teacher Training (9 months, 70 CE credits non-contact hours in 2018).

200 hours Yoga Teacher Training at Yandara Yoga Institute (2015)

50 Hours Yin Yoga Teacher Training by Yoga Collective (2018)


In 2016, Maria became an MSc in Social Anthropology from Aarhus University.