The book every woman should read

The book every woman should read.
This book is a must-read if you are a woman and/or wish to understand the female body and psyche.

On the Verge of Surrender

Surrender to the mystery

Love is all All is love You know it isn’t time to give up, because the sweetest release follows life’s squeeze * Stay true to your core, believe in who you know you are THAT is what will take you far. ~by Maria Lauridsen Jensen, 2022

Intercultural meetings expand our perspective

Hanging out with people from different countries, cultures, and subcultures, is one of my favorite ways to expand my perspective. This summer I have travelled in Italy and in Denmark together with Italians. As a Dane, I was super exited to go to Italy, and I loved being there. The Italians were rather critical. Going […]

What is integration?

What is integration in personal development? I will answer creatively. Hopefully, you will get some food for thought .