The little tree on the great plain

* The little tree on the great plainstands steady and freewith no one to blame. Alone but connectedthrough its roots in the soiland its branches touching air360 perspective Only she can her community bearwithout too much wear and tear. ~by Maria Lauridsen Jensen, 2022

The Woman From The Sea

* The Woman from the Sea is the most natural state you can be. Free soul in open air where silence sings and the sun kisses the water that reflects the entire universe. ~by Maria Lauridsen Jensen, 2022

On the Verge of Surrender

Surrender to the mystery

Love is all All is love You know it isn’t time to give up, because the sweetest release follows life’s squeeze * Stay true to your core, believe in who you know you are THAT is what will take you far. ~by Maria Lauridsen Jensen, 2022