Joana Silva

7. december 2016 kl. 14:30

I have been a student of Maria since a few months now and she has be…en one of the best yoga instructors I have come across. I have tried different classes and studios, in Denmark and abroad, and can only recommend that you take classes with her. She is open to requests and very intuitive to what are the needs of each person, as she adjusts the practice to the physical and emotional needs of each student. She is super open minded, is willing to swtich the language of the class from Danish to English, for those of us who do not master the Danish language ;p. She brings something new and different to each class, so it’s never the same. One has both a good work out and a mindful practice, with a progressive pace between slow and hers and looking forward to the next class! a sincere and warm hug, Joana

fast and vice-versa. I always bring something home with me after a class with her, and feel relaxed and refreshed. It has been a privilege to be a student of