Yoni Shakti is a must-read if you are a woman and/or wish to understand the female body and psyche.

Uma Dinsmore-Tuli has not only done an incredible amount of research, but it is also clear to the reader, that her wisdom is embodied, and that her passion is big.

Chapter by chapter Dinsmore-Tuli brings life to the feminine powers within you – powers that for many of us have been shut down due to norms, shaming, tabu, and silence of mainstream society.

Learn about the power of menstruation, sexuality, pregnancy, the time after giving birth, miscarriage, lactation, menopause, and the post-menopausal woman. Dinsmore-Tuli teaches us about these topics, that you would think all women are experts in, but that many of us have learned to bypass – for example, because they are considered inconvenient, dirty, or something to not talk about. Yoni Shakti furthermore brings life to mystical powers and mystical experiences, which are uniquely available to women. These experiences can awaken when we accept, honor, and embrace our womanhood and body.

We are constantly evolving. Your body, emotions, and psyche are changing with the cycle of the moon. Furthermore, you are constantly aging. Every age has its special power, which can empower you – if you are not too busy being worried about the fact that you are aging.

Shakti means power. Yoni means womb and source (simplified).

I hope this book will enlighten you at least as much as it has enlightened me.

For sure I am going to reread this book. This summer I have read all six hundred pages from start to end. Next are all the yoga, mudra, and yoga nidra exercises that need to be explored in the body. I plan to reread the chapter that corresponds to my age, every time I move into a new phase – as my own sweet little rite the passage. Rituals are powerful. They are powerful because they bridge the inner and the outer world, whereby your consciousness can expand, your life force can flow with ease, and the powers of your wisdom body can reveal themselves.

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