Wisdom in Movement is grounded in a tantric yoga tradition. In tantric Darśana (way of seeing), Śiva is pure consciousness, and Śakti is energy or power. In the mythical landscape, Śiva is the masculine God, and Śakti is his feminine consort – the Goddess. He is the ground of being, the source, the liberating current, the steady pillar, witness consciousness – Wisdom. She is the manifesting current, the waves of life, the ways of emotions, the creative pulse, the embodiment, and the ability to sense, the power of growth and evolution – in Movement.

We need both.

Tantric yoga is the practice of embracing the paradoxes and the practice of honoring opposing forces. As two dancing snakes, Śiva and Śakti spiral and cross each other as the Iḍā nāḍī (moon channel) and the Piṅgalā nāḍī (sun channel) within our bodies.

They are already right here, moving inside of us – close your eyes and feel it!

Wisdom in Movement is also a celebration of the powers of the universe chit-śakti, ānanda-śakti, Icchāśaktijñāna-śakti and kriyā-śakti: consciousness, bliss, desire, knowledge, and action:

Icchāśakti: Wisdom in Movement is my urge to teach. An urge that I cannot explain. It is the flow of inspiration flowing through me.

JñānaWhen the urge or inspiration is there, I do my best to find out how to get it through to you.

Kriyā is my offering to you – the product or action.

My intention is to help you get in touch with – the power of freedom that arises as we move through perspectives, into more expanded consciousness, and recognizes our essence.

Wisdom in Movement invites

you to move

your Body, Mind, and Soul

through yoga as tools for expansion

Prepare to move and

to be moved

Wisdom in Movement is my commitment to embracing disclosure:

It is my commitment to offering the wisdom and the pulse of inspiration that is alive within me, knowing that it is perfectly imperfect – ever-evolving and being refined.

Wisdom in Movement is my vision and my motivation:

Even a tiny drop of wisdom can turn into a ring on the surface of a body of water, which can evolve into many rings in an ever-expanding way.

~with love and devotion, Maria

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