I am currently taking a break from teaching weekly classes, but the inspiration keeps flowing, and my dedication to sharing is strong.

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Welcome to Yoga

with Maria Lauridsen Jensen & Wisdom in Movement

Embodiment is a gift, let’s unpack it together

Life on Earth is a gift to be treasured. As we draw into our inner universe, we can reach more clarity, that can support us as we reemerge in our everyday life. The deeper we move into philosophy and into our bodies, minds, and hearts, the more we can become liberated from the constrictions of the mind.

Yoga is a deep exploratory dive into your entire being. As you explore, you bear witness to the pulse of energy in its countless forms. Honor them all. Become intimate with them all. Thereby you gain a greater understanding that can make you feel freer.

Wisdom in Movement is the reflection of how Śiva and Śakti co-created the wisdom of the yoga tradition: The pulse between the teacher and the students. Every question takes us back to the source of Wisdom to find new answers and thereby expand the wisdom. Please CLICK HERE to read more about how Śiva and Śakti are essential to Wisdom in Movement.

Wisdom in Movement is an invitation to embody the teachings – not just on your yoga mat, but in all aspects of life. Yoga is skills in action, according to the ancient yoga text the Bhagavad Gita.

Are you ready to move and to be moved?



Wisdom in Movement is a culture with the following assumptions:

Embodiment is a gift.

Wonder opens the field of wisdom.

Life is sacred.


Style of āsana practice

I teach Rasa Inspired Yoga classes.

Fire Flows: I guide you through an alchemic blend of yogic practices that will strengthen your body and mind, assist your connection to your heart, and expand the manifesting power of your soul’s desire. As I teach, I manage a modern shamanistic field that offers you a shortcut to the potential in a balanced way, and that opens access to words and energies from my spiritual allies.

Yin Yoga: As I guide you through a practice of primarily static poses, the opportunity opens for you to lean back, relax, and receive support. While you are resting in a pose, or in the pose between poses, I offer meditative guidance, philosophical contemplations, and energetic opportunities that can help you deepen your connection to yourself and your life force energy.


Core Darśana (way of seeing)

Tantra/ Kashmir Shaivism – In the blog you can find more inspiration for a tantric perception of the world.


All my classes are inspired by Rasa Yoga. Rasa Yoga is a bhakti fusion of form and flow āsana, mantra, mudrā, prāṇāyāma, meditation, functional anatomy, Tantric yoga philosophy, ritual, and soul alchemy. Sianna Sherman is the visionary and founder of Rasa Yoga. Furthermore, all my classes are taught in an energetic field, and I serve as an energy worker as I have learned in my training in Modern Shamanism by Marianne Lane.

My dynamic classes (except corporate classes) hold all elements of a Rasa Yoga Class. My yin yoga classes are framed by the Alignment Triad and the Architecture Triad, but the content is based on my inspiration. In my yin yoga classes, my training in modern shamanism is a central ingredient.

All classes arise from my embodied experiences with yoga techniques, mystical openings, meditation, energy work, shadow work, and philosophy.

I give thanks to all teachers in my life for feeding me with inspiration, passion, and devotional love.

Rasa means “essence” or “nectar.” As we draw in and ask ourselves: “What is it that makes life feel juicy to me? What is it that makes me vibrate with joy and love? What is it that I do, those days when I experience being in flow?” we begin to understand how to make our lives sweeter. In the core of our being, we find the source of our personal stream of nectar, and maybe we even find THE Source. As we savor the beauty of life as a conscious choice, we lure the stream of nectar to flow more constantly. In tantra, the rasa theory is a theory from the science of theater Rasa is a palate of aesthetical experiences or emotions. Like primary colors, the 9 essential emotions or flavors of experience can be combined and have subtypes. Rasa Yoga honors all flavors of life: love, disgust, sorrow, anger, joy, fear, wonder, courage, and peace. We embrace it all. We cherish the big, playful, and love-filled magic show of the universe.



Sianna Sherman & Maria Lauridsen Jensen, Rasa Yoga Training in Camden Town, 2020


Maria with her teachers Sarasvati Young and Kylie Price at Yandara Yoga Institute, near Todos Santos Mexico, 2015